«Dio» in Greek means two and was inspired by the villa owners as well as the duality of the female nature. In another reading Dio is something divine, as Godly in Italian. Branding was inspired by the natural Landscape of Santorini, where the villa is located, as well as by the minimality of the Cycladic art in combination to the unique island scenery. The Logo consists of uniquely and individually designed letters based on geometry. An equilateral triangle symbol of the greek letter D representing the symmetry of nature. II representing number 2 and the antithesis between the elements of nature and a perfect circle O representing the notion of totality. The sign is formed by the name DIO created with geometrical patterns and a mixture of symbols of the four elements of nature. The colours used are black, white, blue and orange. They were selected because they compliment the notion of luxurious accommodation, black stone on the external and white internal, while blue is colour of the sea, while orange stands for the magnificent sunset of the island.